English Language
+ Rugby Academy

Train at the Academy and learn english.

Our English Language + Rugby Academy programme is designed for students who are learning English as their second language. This programme provides a full academy experience with 2 evenings per week of English Language lessons.

Camp Durations

We offer the following camp durations:

  • 4 weeks – $5,100
  • 6 weeks – $7,650
  • 8 weeks – $10,200
  • 10 weeks – $12,700
  • 12 weeks – $14,000

Camp Dates

We run our English Language + Rugby Academy programme:

  • January – April (boys only)
  • June – August (boys and girls)
  • November – December (boys only)

We run a Sunday to Sunday cycle with players able to arrive on any given Sunday during these periods.

Athletes attending this camp can expect to receive the following:

Live the Dream. Live the life of a full-time professional rugby player in New Zealand.

Full-time training. Our academy programme is mirrored on how Super Rugby teams train in New Zealand in terms of frequency and intensity.

English language lessons. Athletes attending this camp take part in 2 evening English language lessons per week. These lessons are taught by experienced English language teachers at Bay of Plenty’s leading English language school.

Game Experience. All academy players will take part in club or school rugby in New Zealand where they can test their skills against players of their age in New Zealand.

Skill Development. We have a huge emphasis on skill development at Inside Running Academy. Players are exposed to some of New Zealand’s leading coaches, where we focus on learning through a specialised micro skills session 3 times per week, and a dedicated field based skills session 3 times per week where we focus on learning through games based activity.

Strength & Conditioning. Our strength and conditioning programme is focused on functional movement coaching before increasing load. Our first goal with all players is to get them moving effectively in he gym before we add load to build strength and power. All players are tested across key Strength and Conditioning measures at the start of their academy stay and then again at the conclusion.

Leadership & Personal Development. We develop leadership skills by first breaking down the barriers, getting players out of their comfort zone and building a safe environment where everyone feels like they belong and can be themselves. We then start to challenge players to develop their leadership skills through academy training activities.

Education. All players will attend work-shops on Mental Skills, Game Review, Performance Analysis, Sports Nutrition and Injury Prevention & Recovery.

Continued Development. All players are required to develop a plan on how they are going to continue to develop their rugby when they return home. This is our key point of difference as we see attending Inside Running Academy as just the start of the player’s development journey.

Academy inclusions. Accommodation, meals*, Samurai training apparel, Transport to and from sessions, all training sessions etc.

How to Enrol

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Get in Touch

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