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Inside Running Academy

New Zealand’s leading full time rugby academy and operating since 2010, Inside Running Academy offers a range of Camps and Services that are entirely focused on player’s present and future development. We will teach you how to become the best player that you can be through comprehensive training schedules, expert coaching and support staff, state of the art methodology and world-class training facilities. Additionally, you’ll experience a taste of quintessential New Zealand rugby culture — while based at one of New Zealand’s top beach resort locations.

Our Camps

We offer two core full time Academy Camp options, ranging from 5 days through to 35 weeks. Our Long Term Development and intensive 5-day Player Development Camps will expose you to some of New Zealand’s leading coaches, and show you how to train and play to your full potential using tools to continue your development.

Coach Learning Series

Learn the art of Coaching with our Coach Learning Series. Focusing on the most important aspects of coaching, we cover culture, values, identity, behaviours, relationships and much more.

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