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Player Development Camps

Open to boys aged 14+, these 4 – 12-week programmes are designed to provide aspiring male rugby players with an opportunity to experience life as a full-time athlete.

Girls Only Camps

Open to girls aged 14+, this intensive 4 – 8 week programme is designed to provide aspiring female rugby players with an opportunity to experience life as a full-time athlete.

5 Day Intensive Camps

We run our 5 Day Intensive Camps at 4 times during the year, coinciding with school holidays. The experience is quite different with more of a focus on educating players on key areas of rugby development as well as covering off some fundamental aspects of skill development.

GAP Year Camps

Our Gap year Programme is our signature long-term high-performance programme with a strict entry requirement.
The purpose of these camps is to really zero in on what is going to take a player’s game to the next level.

High School + Rugby Academy

Our High School + Rugby Academy programme is a joint venture between Mount Maunganui College and Inside Running Academy. Students attend High School 4 days per week and attend Inside Running Academy 1 day per week.

English Language + Rugby Academy

Our English Language + Rugby Academy programme is designed for students who are learning English as their second language. This programme provides a full academy experience with 2 evenings per week of English Language lessons.

Remote Coaching

Inside Running Academy coaches are available to coach you remotely. Use of video analysis and an online programming App enable our coaches to manage your player development from New Zealand.

Overseas Coaching Clinics

Host Inside Running Academy coaches at your club, school, academy or university. Inside Running Academy design bespoke coaching clinics for partner organisations globally.

The Inside Running Academy Experience:

Training Schedule

Train as a full-time rugby player and experience accelerated player development. The Inside Running Academy training schedule mirrors that of a professional rugby team.


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Club Rugby In New Zealand

All players are placed with local club and school teams where they get to experience putting into action their learnings from the Academy as well as enjoying the world famous New Zealand rugby culture.

Live the Dream

Train Life A Full-Time Athlete

Experience the life of a full-time professional rugby player.
Train, Sleep, Eat, REPEAT!

Staff, Locations & Facilities:

Meet our Team

Tim Wilson

Tim Wilson

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

Passionate about combining science with coaching to create development-focused training environments and with significant S&C experience. Read more…
Mike Rogers

Mike Rogers

Academy Director

Mike has worked in the sports management, coaching and rehabilitation sectors for the past 13 years and has a real passion for athlete development. Read more…
Nicky October

Nicky October

Accommodation Manager

Nicky and Mike Rogers form the core Management Team at Inside Running Academy. Within her role of Administrator and Accommodation Manager… Read more…


The Athlete Factory

Inside Running Academy relocated to its own purpose-built training facility called THE ATHLETE FACTORY.

Blake Park

Blake Park is a purpose -built rugby union facility with three full sized rugby fields and is renowned for its hard

Mauao (Mt Maunganui)

We take advantage of the unique natural training environment of Mt Maunganui — our local mountain (Mauao) and

Academy Lodge

The Academy’s very own accommodation complex, housing up to 20 Academy members on a mostly

Our Blog

The strength coaches role

The strength coaches role

Rugby has evolved. The 2015 All Blacks team was, on average, 15kgs heavier than their 1987 counterparts. Couple this with the ball being in play for 10 minutes longer than it was 20 years ago, and we give birth to a Bigger, Faster, Fitter, Stronger culture among...

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Value, Self-Assessment and Honesty

Value, Self-Assessment and Honesty

When thinking about what will take your rugby to the next level, a lot of people see top-flight players and what their strengths are and assume that is what is required to make it. In some cases, that may be true, but generally speaking, everyone has different weapons...

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The problem with positive thinking

The problem with positive thinking

When working with Rugby players and Coaches the common misconception is that Sport psychology, and my role as a mental skills trainer, is all about getting people to start thinking positively. There is this pervasive belief that somehow a 100% positive frame of mind...

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