Professional coaches, full-time training & development, 50+ players from around the world. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to live the life of a professional player, based in New Zealand’s beach capital, Mt Maunganui!



“Our High Performance Camp is as close as you will get to living the life of a full-time professional rugby player in New Zealand. It is tough and challenging but the rewards in terms of your development make it Epic.”

Liam Messam

"The Coach Learning Series will open your mind, reaffirm a lot of what you are already doing, and most importantly, connect you to other coaches who are thirsty for knowledge.”

Mike Rogers

Inside Running Academy

“Professional coaches, full-time training & development, 80–100 players from around the world, play in two tournaments, fully residential & attend the HSBC Hamilton 7s. There has never been anything like this camp in New Zealand.”

Mike Rogers

Inside Running Academy

Inside Running Academy

The experience of a lifetime - Live the Dream


Strength and Conditioning

Skill Development

Upcoming Camps:

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Start Dates:
14 January, 2024

*Camp start dates are dependant on availability

Camp Cost:
10 nights - $2,500 NZD

Performance Camp

14-24 January 2024
Located in NZ’s beach capital, Mt Maunganui this camp experience is the first of its kind in New Zealand. 10 nights accommodation, 3 meals per day, Paladin training apparel, Medical support, World-class coaching, All training sessions and games...

Advanced Coaches Course

Start Dates:
Camp Cost:
13 days - $4,000
6 days - $2,000
Single day pass - $250

Advanced Coaches Course

Coming Soon

Experiences & Expertise to Create Skilful Adaptable Coaching

This Course is designed to solve some of the most significant problems that coaches face today. We will set out to solve the big questions below but also give all coaches the opportunity to bring a bucket of their own problems for us to solve! The context of the Course is rugby, but the problems are universal. Coaches from all sports and codes are welcome to join New Zealand’s first Coaching Course of this type. Off-pitch
  • How can my meetings be really impactful?
  • How can I be more intentional with my coaching skills?
  • How can we co-coach more intentionally?
  • How can we design the perfect match day for our players?
  • How can we set tactical problems for the opposition?

Coach Learning:

Coach Learning Series 7

Commences JULY 2022

Coach Learning Series 7 is focused on showcasing:
Kicking Game, Performance Metrics, Coaching Chaos, Mastering Transitions, Attack Shape V Framework, Learnings from year 1, Kicking game and transitions

All Sessions are live on Zoom at 9am NZT every Wednesday. All sessions are recorded and are available to watch back post-session. 

Capped at 50 coaches, click join now below!

Guest Coaches:

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