Podcast: The Magic Academy Ep 16

Mike chats with Rusty about how we could fail faster as coaches, sharing his best (and worst) coaching experiences on a journey including Mitre 10,

Women’s Super Rugby and now in the MLR with the New England Free Jacks. Enjoy!

Podcast: Rugby Coach Weekly Ep74

Dan Cottrell speaks to Inside Running Academy boss, Mike Rogers. Mike, who’s just finished a season in the US MLR with the New England Free Jacks talks openly about his experience coaching in both his homeland of New Zealand and the States.There is a very moving passage where we discuss vulnerability and authenticity. Mike’s message about his relationship with rugby and his family will strike many chords with coaches.Here’s what else we chatted about:Why we need to coach players to tackle higher, not lowerThe benefits of ball stripping in the tackleReviewing players more effectivelyLife balance for a coachHow we share as coachesWhat can businesses learn from rugby and vice versa?Inside Running are about to run their next amazing Coach Learning, number seven in the series.